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You have a personal interest in fitness, sports or physical activity that has led you to understand and want to share your experience through training and coaching others. You have likely excelled, and have that continued drive to perform, possibly in a different environment.

You are really motivated to see the difference your coaching can make to a member. The idea of teaching small classes really appeals as you can get stuck in and do what you can do.

OK, you are a little bit of a rockstar – you like the attention. Your classes can be a bit of a performance, as you are a kind of entertainer as well as capable of making those results happen. You like the feeling of people wanting your class specifically in their fitness plans. You’re proud of what you train/teach and how.

You’re looking for a change to the high intensity, judgemental, or just plain cold environments that exist in some gyms.

You like getting to know members, the team. You have a keen viewpoint on body positivity, rather than meeting so called ideals, which you encourage with clients. The enjoyment of exercise is a major reason people stick with it. All the better when they can just be themselves. Social fitness really appeals to you.

You can see yourself being part of a fitness family that loves seeing members leave with that better feeling – and you will be part of the reason they keep coming back and making a habit of feeling good.

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