Personal training

Are you in your own way?

Do you need a motivator or a little push to get you beyond that voice in your head?

  • Do you want to be guided through the best programme for you to meet your fitness goals?
  • Are you coming back to exercise and want to build the best foundation of your fitness?
  • Are you rehabiltating an injury or setback? Looking for specific conditioning, strength, performance improvements?

A personal trainer can help you achieve the level you want, work through challenges or build skills. It can feel like an indulgence – you may be thinking that you ‘should’ be able to do it on your own. Most people who get a PT wish they hadn’t waited so long to try it. They believe that the experience was worth every penny because of the impact it had on them in body and mind.

Find a personal trainer at Rize who’ll help you to recover from injury, reach a higher level of performance, improve your technique or start a new obsession – like Marathon Running. We have expert personal trainers who coach our classes and provide personal training in all of our locations.

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