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Favourite competencies

HIIT , Strength and Functional movement training have all been a massive part of my development as a coach and personally . I do a lot of unilateral work to make myself stronger for when I’m performing day to day activities .

Specialist Experience

Over 7 years in the fitness industry I am a level 4 Sports massage therapist and strength and conditioning coach . I always love to offer plenty of variety in exercises and training and always want to motivate and install confidence in all my clients. My personable and thorough approach to everyone of my clients has allowed them to reach and achieve their short and long term goals .


Favourite competencies

I have been personal training and managing in this industry for the past 10 years now and my passion for it has only gotten stronger. I began working in a physio team on rehabilitation and slowly moved into strength and conditioning and movement therapy. I have worked with under 11s to over 80s, from professional athletes to first timers. The plan is to make fitness fun, rewarding and for everyone.

Specialist Experience

Reps Level 3

Adam Slynn

Favourite competencies


Specialist Experience


Ray Sookar

Favourite competencies

Sports conditioning.

Specialist Experience

Trained across multiple Martial Arts for 20 years.

Luki Shergil

Favourite competencies

My number one interest in training has always been core work and stability, so I always teach with this as the focus. TRX and stability balls are my number one tools to teach with, however everything I do is with the core in mind – all movements expand from there. I like to focus on balance of muscle groups and movement.

Specialist Experience

I qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer 15 years ago, and as a Mat based Pilates Instructor 10 years ago. I am currently studying towards a degree in Sports Rehab.

Ellie Wilson

Favourite competencies

I love working towards strong lean muscles and a strong core, that paired with balance and flexibility. My favourites are Strike and Core Conditioning.

Specialist Experience

I’m a level 3 Personal Trainer with a degree in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. I work as a dancer and teach dance all whilst teaching at RIZE. I love using my knowledge in dance to transfer into workouts.

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