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Adam Slynn

Favourite competencies


Specialist Experience


Ray Sookar

Favourite competencies

Sports conditioning.

Specialist Experience

Trained across multiple Martial Arts for 20 years.

Hannah Gordon

Favourite competencies

I love to keep everyone smiling and motivated whilst exercising – I love teaching high intensity classes that get you breaking a sweat – my favourites are HIIT and Strike!

Specialist Experience

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and also hold a number of specific programme qualifications including Insanity, Circuits and Core de Force. I studied at St Mary’s University Twickenham and graduated in 2014 with a joint honours degree in Sport Science and Psychology.

Celine Turner

Favourite competencies

Strength training is my number one love, and helping clients to nail their form and technique makes me very happy. I also think that suspension trainers are one the smartest bits of kits around and like to get pretty creative with a TRX!

Specialist Experience

I hold a Level 4 Master Personal Training qualification in Low Back Pain and have experience of working in injury prevention and rehabilitation as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Maria Franzen

Favourite competencies

Stretching, balance and relaxation has become a bigger part of my own training as I’ve come to realise the importance of this for the body and minds wellbeing, and I like to incorporate this into my teaching.

Specialist Experience

I specialise in weight loss – I lost almost 25kg through training and sensible eating, and I am able to draw on my own experience to help others through my work as a personal trainer. I am also qualified as a level 3 reflexology therapist.

Luki Shergil

Favourite competencies

My number one interest in training has always been core work and stability, so I always teach with this as the focus. TRX and stability balls are my number one tools to teach with, however everything I do is with the core in mind – all movements expand from there. I like to focus on balance of muscle groups and movement.

Specialist Experience

I qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer 15 years ago, and as a Mat based Pilates Instructor 10 years ago. I am currently studying towards a degree in Sports Rehab.

Makeda Vidal

Favourite competencies

I love all things strength training! I currently train and compete in powerlifting, and I like to add different types of resistance training into my classes and PT sessions – because of this, I enjoy teaching Kettlebells and Circuits where I can incorporate strength work as well as cardiovascular training.

Specialist Experience

I am a qualified level 3 personal trainer, and I have experience working with a wide range of clients with different abilities and goals.

also have a gym based boxing qualification and I love teaching strike classes and thinking of new challenging combos on the bags to get people working up a sweat!

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