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Favourite competencies

I am passionate about fitness and health and believe that you can achieve anything with the right support and motivation.
I’ll make it my business to provide you with the knowledge on how to train effectively and guide you through each and every step, keeping you focused on your fitness goals.

Whether it is to lose weight, build on your flexibility or to improve your overall fitness level, I will be there. Designing a tailored made workout plan that will suit your needs and lifestyle in order to achieve your fitness goals.
Be ready to put work into action and have fun doing it.

Specialist Experience

• Level 3 Personal Training
• Kettlebells Training
• Circuit Training
• Indoor Cycling
• Sports Nutrition
• Muscle gain & Weight Loss
• Mobility & Flexibility

Ivania Banzza

Favourite competencies

I am extremely passionate about fitness I have a passion for improving clients heath, wellness and quality of life.  I deliver high-energy training using the latest techniques in exercise.

I will help you to achieve the results you desire whether it be fitting in a t-shirt /dress or improving your golf swing. I will motivate you and enable you to achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.

Our time together will help you develop both mentally and physically. My training and workouts will help utilise techniques that have value both in and outside the Studio, such as control work, breathing focus and endurance.

Specialist Experience

Weight loss

Body definition

Strength training

Power & agility

Weight gain

Postural correction

Core strength

Functional training

Brazilian ju jitsu

Glute speciality

Gonzalo Norona-Palacios

Favourite competencies

I enjoy bringing variety while training especially functional movements, HiiT and conditioning to incorporate a holistic approach to training and being able to share and meet the expectations of my clients, whether that be weight loss, functional training, muscle tone, strength & conditioning.

Specialist Experience

  • Postural analysis
  • Level 4 Lower back care
  • Nutritional Guidance and injury prevention (GP referral certificate)
  • Indoor Cycling

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