Baby Friendly Classes

Baby Friendly Classes

The Rize you get

stay active as a parent or carer as baby comes too.

Do this class if you’re looking for:

keeping fit while looking after a precrawler / baby / toddler, baby friendly classes over school holidays, indoor buggy fitness class, parent friendly exercise class.

What to expect:

  • Mum/Dad/Carer brings their precrawler/toddler along, who will sit in the car seat, high chair (or if the available space, in the buggy they arrived in) and watch their carer get fit.
  • Each studio has car seats, bumbo seat & highchairs at the ready, making it easy and convenient.
  • Imagine buggy fit but indoors!
  • Your child is not used as a prop but other participants know that the class permits children.
  • Rize offer a variety of these baby friendly classes each week across the class types.
  • Parents need to remain responsible for their child.
  • During school holidays we also open these classes up to older children, who can sit quietly on little chairs provided for the class duration.

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