Our Trainers Top Tips

Our Trainers Top Tips to get you Fitter

We know through years of experience that it can be hard to get into the habit of exercising regularly. That's why our sessions are designed with an emphasis on fun, sociable fitness.

Even when you do manage to get yourself into a routine however, you can find that after an initial bout of success you can sometimes plateau. With this in mind we asked our team to come up with their Top 10 tips to ensure that you continue to progress in your goal to get fitter in the most safe and effective way. They combined these with some real life stories from their time with our clients here at RIZE.

tip #1 Form and Technique

It might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how little people pay attention to the ‘how’ of performing an exercise. The body has to learn the pattern of the movement, and because everything is connected, you get the best results from using muscles in the right order. Go for form before quantity to get better results. If you aren’t sure, ask for help from someone qualified to make adjustments to your technique. This has the added benefit of protecting yourself from unnecessary injuries.

case study – knowing what to do

“Sometimes technique makes all the difference – a client who was very strong had weak mobility and couldn’t perform a squat or lunge properly. Weeks of resistance training and mobility work made an incredible difference to her performance. Many people believe they should be able to do it themselves, without help. But even a small amount of expert guidance can give huge improvements – for example, just a body composition consult and a general meal plan given to a client allowed her put the focus and effort in the right place to lose two dress sizes. The right help can make it easier to reach your goals.”

We enjoyed our trainers feedback and stories so much we put it all into a little book. If you would like to read the full thing click here to download it or watch this space for more tips and success stories.

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