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Let your energy Rize.

Make a habit of feeling good.

Rize coached group exercise classes in London.

You could go it alone, but you chose not to.
The people you’re with matter.

Sociable fitness where you get fit together. You want to know what you’re doing and get a little better each time. The space and attention to be coached when you need it. You want less hacks – more of a habit that’s good for you.

Workouts designed for feeling good. It’s time to be yourself – fitness comes in all shapes.

Fitness classes that fit your time, your day, your location.

Easy to get to, easy to book.

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I love the variety and time options, the classes offered and the instructors. Torrey
Friendly and enthusiastic trainers. Small class sizes mean you can focus on form and technique, maximising benefits. Tiffany
Friendly staff and challenging classes Zahul
Small group sizes, great PTs and lots of classes to choose from each day. The staff get to know you and want to challenge and develop your fitness and skills Stephanie
Baby friendly classes, friendly staff, good workouts and good facilities Claire

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